How many parcels can I order for handling?

As many as you can manage! Because we work from home there are no limitations on PO Box sizes, so you can order as many or as few as you can get home. Your parcels will be stored in a temperature controlled, smoke free environment. Fee schedule: $10 per order (shipments can be multiple deliveries on same order)

What groceries can I request and will you deliver to my resort, hotel or villa?

We are local to most major supermarkets, including Wal Mart, Publix, Super Target, Winn Dixie, Aldi, Whole Foods and Fresh Market. So whatever you fancy, pop it on a list and we'll do the rest! Fee schedule: Prices for Wal Mart, Publix and Super Target - cost of items plus 10% of total. Prices for Winn Dixie, Aldi, Whole Foods and Fresh Market - cost of items plus 15% of total. Delivery fees start at $15 to most resorts, hotels and villa areas in the tourist corridor. *Market prices and selections may vary depending on stock.

What if I see something I like online but am not arriving in Orlando for a few months?

Shop that sale! Just let us know what you have ordered, when it will be delivered and when you are arriving and we will receive your goods and let you know they have arrived safely. We will check your items to make sure they are ok unless you specifically request that we do not open. Please note, we are not responsible for any damaged and/or missing items.

How much do you charge to deliver my parcels I've had shipped to you?

We charge a flat $15 to most Orlando hotels and resort areas, including Disney, Seaworld, Universal and the Kissimmee, Davenport and Four Corners villa community areas.

Will you ship items I order internationally?

Yes, we can ship items to your home address! ** Plesae note there are restrictions on mailing certain items. Please ensure whatever you order is not on the list of prohibited items. If you are unsure, please ask, we will be happy to advise you.